4 Easy ways to attract more Twitter Likes and retweets on your posts

You don’t have to be complicated to attract many twitter likes or followers with your posts. In fact, it is very easy for an average person like you to increase their popularity on twitter by doing the things that they love. Are you are writer? Well, there are millions of writers on twitter who probably would love to belong to the same twitter panel as you. However, you may never capture the attention of the people with whom you share interest in life unless you come out clear and genuine about what you love
Actually, you can start everything afresh with your twitter account if you don’t like any bit of it. Edit your bio to make it more professional and appealing, add a high definition but professional avatar picture of yourself, and start following all those people whose interest resemble yours. You may also take time to learn what the popular guys tweet about, before you can take off with some high quality tweets about what you do in life.

Reasons Humorous and Inspiring People will always Dominate Twitter

Add some humor to your bio, often post casual and humorous posts, and you could soon become a twitter king in your city. There is a reason twitter is a social network, and not an official news board. Most people here may appreciate it and give you multiple twitter likes when you break news to them, but more people will follow and engage with your content when you address them casually.

But if you can’t manage to make your followers smile every morning, look for content that could inspire them. Look for great quotes to start your followers’ mornings and you will soon begin to become a popular icon among your social panel. In fact, if you are a sales person trying to promote anything on twitter, avoid overt marketing. Instead try to build a relationship with twitter users by making them informed, inspired or entertained. Make them trust you, follow you and give you more twitter likes because of your inspiration, and then start marketing your product.

Try The 80/20 Rule To Get Free Followers.

Everyone joins social media for different purposes and reasons. As others are doing it for fun, others are going in for business matters. With such mindset, everyone will look for content that is oriented to own tastes and wishes. After identifying the social platform to try and attract followers to, you have to tailor your content that will bring in the many followers fast. If you not sure, maybe it is a time you tried the 80/20 rule to get as many free followers as possible. What are all these?

Going by this rule,  80% of the content you intend to post should at first contain just helpful and valuable information to your existing following as you seek your footing in the online world.  The remaining 20% is enough now to promote yourself and to enable your followers to get a clue of what to expect shortly on following you. The 80% is guaranteed to allow you to get many free followers as people who never showed interest at first will now be glued there. It may take time, but it works well.

Will I Get Flagged For Purchasing Free Likes?

Forget the hustle and time taken to attract free likes your way by opting to buy the same. Ever wondered why a page has millions of likes after a short while but others with years of existing still got few hundreds. The demand for the numbers has seen an increase in the number of vendors to do it for you at an agreed fee. However, there are chances that your account may be suspended because it is against terms and conditions of most social media administrators.

That is why when you opt for these free likes, take time and shop around for the best vendor who will ensure you are not flagged and eventually suspended. You need to go for small packages at first to taste the waters and ascertain if it is the best option for you. Shop around for vendors who know and understand this line of business and will bypass systems set in place to prevent detection of any suspicious activity on your account. Consult widely and seek vendors with an excellent reputation and will deliver quality.